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Planning / Zoning

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Please email the Zoning Officer for all Zoning questions and concerns.

Tina Serfass - Zoning Officer

Permits, Zoning & Planning
Permit applications may be submitted at any time.

Applications for Planning (subdivisions, land development, lot line adjustments, etc.) must be submitted at least 21 days prior to the date of the Planning Commission meetings, which are normally held the third Tuesday of each month.

The type and quantity of plans, applications and supporting documents is listed on the appropriate checklist. If you have any questions, please contact the municipal office for more information.

Requests for Zoning Hearings must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the date of the Zoning Hearing Board meetings, which are normally held the first Monday of each month. Ten copies of all submitted documentation must be provided for distribution.

When do I need a permit? Listed below are just a few of the permits that are required in the Township. If you have any questions or doubts as to whether a permit is needed for what you are doing, please call our Zoning Office at 610-759-8227.

Amusement Permit
Amusement permits are required to regulate coin operated amusement devices except juke boxes.

Building Permit
Building permits are the responsibility of the property owner and/or contractor and must be obtained from a Third Party Agency prior to the commencement of construction. A list of Third Party Agencies is available at the Township Office. A copy of the approved plans and building permit are required to be submitted to the Township office.

Driveway Permit
Driveway permits are required for construction on a new driveway, to change an existing driveway or to pave an existing driveway.

Earth Moving Permit
Earth moving permits are required so that soil erosions do not occur and create damage to other properties and/or roadways.

Garage Yard Sale Permit
If you plan on having a Garage Sale or Yard Sale a Permit is required. An Application must be completed along with $5 fee submitted to the Township prior to the sale taking place. There is a limit of three (3) sales per year per residence.

Junk Yard Permit
Junk yard permits are required each year from the Zoning Officer.

Moving Permit
Moving permits are required as per Ordinance #243 when moving into, from or within the Township. Anyone moving into your home with you must also get a moving permit and be added as a resident. The cost of the permit is $5 and may be obtained at the Township Office or our website. Landlords, please advise your tenants of this information.

Peddling Permit
Peddling permits are required each year from the Zoning Officer.

Sewage Permit
Sewage permits are required before any sewer systems may be installed or repairs made to existing systems.

Zoning Permit
Zoning permits are required before any construction, alterations, addition or changes are made to any property. It keeps track of who is building, what is being built and if it conforms to size, setback and height requirements and determines if sewer permits are needed, so that all properties are held to the same standards. Anyone caught doing work without the required Zoning permit (s) will be required to pay (3) times the original permit fees.

Do you know when you need a Zoning Permit?

  • A Zoning Permit is required prior to erecting, altering or converting any structure or building, or altering the use of any land or structure.
  • A Zoning permit is also required when a "Change of Use" occurs for a property (such as a change from residential to commercial and vice versa, or new business uses in an existing commercial space).

What will you need to get a Zoning Permit?

  • Complete an application form obtained from the Township office or Website.
  • Return completed application to the Township along with a drawing or sketch depicting the property with lot lines, location and size of existing structures and the exact size and location of the proposed structure or addition to existing structure. Permit fees are due at time of Application and are nonrefundable.

Examples of when you need a Building Permit:

  • Construction of dwelling units
  • Additions to existing dwelling units, including attached garages
  • Accessory detached structures which are 1000sq. ft. or larger in size
  • Deck which is 30 inches or more above grade
  • Electrical and Plumbing upgrades or additions
  • Swimming Pools with a water depth of 24 inches or greater, (a grading plan review will be required for all inground swimming pools)
  • Any structural work in a dwelling unit
  • Any new commercial construction or renovations to existing commercial space. Building permits must be secured from PA Department of Labor & Industry for all commercial structures

Examples of when you do NOT need a Building Permit:

  • Installation of exterior siding
  • Residential Roof replacements provided no structural work is involved
  • Replacement windows and doors provided no structural work is involved
  • Painting
  • Ordinary repairs of Electrical and Plumbing systems
  • Cabinetry and countertops

What will you need to obtain a Building permit?
There is a list of Third Party Agencies that you may contact for the specific requirements for obtaining a building permit.

You can call the Township office for the names and phone numbers or have the list mailed or emailed to you.

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